Discover The Life Changing Products in The Home Business Academy

Hey there fellow Freedom Crusader. Welcome to our products page.

In the Home Business Academy, we have 2 products.

The first is our Premium Membership in The Home Business Academy which is a monthly recurring training & coaching membership.

This membership is designed to help home business entrepreneurs to develop the mindset and the skillet necessary to succeed in home business.

Premium Membership In The Home Business Academy

It will be helpful to highlight 3 big ideas that make our product different from other home business related products you might see on the market.

First, everything you'll see in The Home Business Academy premium membership, is well thought out, structured and planned in advance.

It's a curriculum.

One of the problems we faced in the past, was showing up to training and just getting whatever the speaker felt like they wanted to share at the moment.

One challenge that can result from this style of education, is that it's easy for people to miss pieces here and there. Inside our Academy, you can rest assured that if you plug in, and follow the training, over time you'll learn everything you need to know about building a successful business from home.

The 2nd big foundational idea behind our Academy training is simplicity.

We believe in teaching both fundamentals and advanced strategies. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi would start each season, addressing his championship team with the phrase, "Gentleman, this is a football."

We believe that's wise and therefore, inside the academy, you'll find fundamentals that have always worked - along with more advanced skills and strategies.

This makes it so you and your team members will be able to start producing results immediately with simple, low tech strategies, so you can have success right away, while learning the more advanced strategies over time.

The last big idea that underlies our education, is the concept of going the extra mile.

When you join the Academy, you get the best of what we know, period.

We realize that by holding nothing back from you, and giving you everything we've got the second you join, rather than splitting our knowledge into many different products and up sells, we serve you better, and build trust, which (in the long run) can lead to a lasting relationship, which is what we really want.

So let's dig into what you'll get when join.

Our Academy is organized in three simple sections...

Mindset, skillset and private coaching from real six and 7 figure earners that have a heart for the people.

Remember that 100 year old book I told you about earlier that helped me to finally start succeeding?

...and how I’d stumbled into the mother load of information relating to that topic?

Here’s what I found...

Andrew Carnegie, the richest man on planet Earth, at the turn of the 20th century recruited a young reporter and challenged him to gather up and organize all the laws of success and put them in one place.

He told this reporter that it might take him the rest of his life to complete the task but, it would be worth it.

Mr. Carnegie believed that it would be a tragedy for people to have to run around, being confused all their lives, looking for pieces here and there, instead of just quickly latching on to the ideas that made the difference so they could succeed.

I heard Bob Proctor once say “I have license to brag, because none of this stuff is mine.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

I mean why reinvent the wheel?

If something isn't broke, don’t fix it.

And that's why, each day, Monday through Friday, in our mindset audio training series, ...we dig into the life changing information that was compiled from the 25 years of intensive research, initiated by Andrew Carnegie.

This ensures that anyone, can join at any time, and be guaranteed to learn all the laws of success...

(Without having to buy yet another course to discover the ‘secrets’)

If you haven’t had success in your home business yet, maybe it’s because you haven’t had access to all the success laws in one easy to follow and understand place.

Maybe you’ve been finding pieces here and there, and just haven’t seen the whole picture yet.

If you’re a leader and have had success, wouldn't it be nice to know, that you could plug your new team members into an audio training series, guaranteed to teach them, over time, everything they need to know about leadership, mindset and success law, so you wouldn't have to do it yourself?

And that’s not to say that you can’t help, in fact, we want your help.

30 minutes of each audio is reserved for community interaction, contribution and masterminding with one another.

This means that our team members get the best of what we’ve ALL got to give, instead of the whole responsibility falling on just one person.

Like they told me in my first network marketing company… T.E.A.M stands for = Together, Everyone Achieves, More

That’s the intention behind our mindset audio training series.

Banding together as home business owners, so we can serve and lift each other in new and better ways.

Oh, and in this audio series, we never mention company names, system names or even leader names, unless the leaders are active in our community.

This makes it a very safe place for people to grow.

We’ve been producing these audios for over 5 years and we’ve now had time to see the results.

Members of our community have already used this information to become stage presenters and top earners in their home businesses.

We’ve even had some use this platform to become presidents and even owners of network marketing companies.

It works.

Here’s how it’s organized.

We have a daily audio section with a new and inspiring audio updated each weekday that’s available for all of our members.

We’ve also have a featured audio section, so our members can quickly and easily access the most inspiring content.

We even have an archive of over 1,100 ------> 60 minute audios that have already helped to produce six and 7 figure earners in various companies over the years.

All of our audio players are equipped with fast forward, rewind and even speed up options so you can get the information you need at your own pace.

Our audio training is somewhat “Grass Roots.”

We produce these audios from live teleconference recordings.

This just means that the quality is good, even though sometimes it may sound like one of our participants is calling in from a phone.

This is the only way we can all come together, involve everyone and make it a REAL mastermind.

These audios are produced by REAL people on REAL journeys to freedom, not some gurus in a studio.

Mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s and people just like you...

Margaret Meade once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

That quote describes our community to a T! Oh and one last thing,

In addition to the regularly scheduled curriculum, most of us are doing our own personal development too which means,

...when we come together to share, we often learn things that otherwise could have taken us years of personal study to get to.

Pretty cool right? But wait, there’s more!

That’s the just mindset part…

Next is skillset which is just as important.

Ever since I’ve been in home business, I’ve heard people talk about how “the system” is supposed to do all the training.

Problem is, I’ve never really seen or been a part of a true system that was simple, organized and had everything in one place.

I’ve often found myself repeating information over and over to different groups and team members.

We have stashed training in social media groups, team websites, personal blogs and other random places, making it hard for people to find and use.

Can you relate?

Finally we realized, Why not just put all the skills from simple to advanced in one spot?

For example…

In our simple skillset section you can learn things like…

The Bridge to Your Dreams which covers effective goal setting and planning for home business owners.

Launching Your Business which teaches...

“How to share your products and business with people you’re already connected to in a way that’s attractive, preserves the relationship and has zero pressure.”

This way, you can help your new team members get started fast, in a simple way that can help them get some quick wins in their business.

We include scripts that have been fine tuned and perfected over years of study and experience so you’ll always know the most attractive things to say to your prospects.

We have a module that teaches effective follow up and closing strategies…

In “The 3 Steps To Irresistible Invitations” module you’ll learn... invitation process that makes it nearly impossible for people to say anything but “yes” when you invite them to look at your products and services…


And what about when you’re ready to move into new markets outside of people you’re already connected to?

We’ve got you covered there too.

Our next Module teaches how to tap into an unlimited, free and low tech lead source. Social media.

Let me just show you some of what you can learn in that module...

In “Building an Attractive Foundation” you’ll learn how to setup an attractive profile and avoid common mistakes most people make that can cause prospects to run away from you.

We teach you exactly what types of content to post so you can attract the highest quality customers and partners to your business.

We teach you how to create stunning images so you can show up like a rockstar for all your social media contacts.

We teach you how to grow your friends list so you’ll have a constantly growing and never ending source of people to connect with about your business.

We teach you EXACTLY what to say to those contacts, complete with copy and paste scripts so you can sell products and recruit like NEVER before.

Finally, we wrap it all up with a rock solid daily method of operation so you’ll know EXACTLY what to do each day in order to optimize your time on social media to bring in the highest number of sales and team members.

By the way, everything in our Simple Skillset section makes it possible to generate leads, sell, sponsor and recruit WITHOUT any advanced technology like capture pages, autoresponders and blogs.

This allows people to make money and have success BEFORE learning any of that stuff.

And when you and your team members are ready, we’ve got an entire advanced skills section that covers all the training that makes it possible to really leverage technology so you can sell and recruit in higher numbers…

For example , there’s Understanding The Big Picture which explains the 3 step online recruiting process in a way so simple, even an 8 year old could understand.

In How to “Target Market” you’ll learn how to find the perfect customers, who, in some cases are just waiting for you to show up so they can buy your products and/or join your business.

And there’s all sorts of other transformational stuff, you can see, that we don’t have time to go into right now.

I have been using these strategies for years so we can teach you all this stuff, in ways you can apply, when you’re ready.

To top it all off, we meet live via video each Wednesday to mastermind with our academy members to provide ongoing training, mentorship and support.

I’m so excited about what we have to offer you in the academy, because I really believe the completeness of what we’ve put together can eliminate confusion and failure for a lot of people.

With the Home Business Academy, you and anyone you care about can find what you need to succeed from home, and do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

We’re going to truly mentor you…

And to us, mentorship doesn’t simply mean “selling you a system” and “wishing you luck.”

We won’t build your business for you, but if you’re someone who’s serious about taking action on your better future and being coachable,

...we’re committed to continue guiding you toward financial freedom.

My friend, this is a real system that can super-charge and systematize a ton of your recruiting and team building so you can have more freedom in your life.

Aren’t you tired of gurus holding things back from you?

We put everything we know in this academy.

We’ve invested well over six figures in our education and we’re constantly investing in more so we can always bring you the best of what’s on the market.

This way, you can focus on building your business using the best strategies available in the academy, instead of buying every new shiny ball that bounces into your inbox.

Bottom line - we wanna serve you, help you be free, and treat you the way that we would want to be treated.

Our philosophy of “people over profits” means that all decisions will be made from a standpoint of doing what’s right, period. I

f there’s ever a time when we’re forced to choose between profits and people, we’ll choose people every time.

We’ve invested ridiculous amounts of money in order to be able to gather this information and put it all in one place.

Mike Hobbs paid $100,000 to a famous home business coach.

He Invested $15,000 in advanced coaching and mindset certifications, and another $10,000 for a high level sales and marketing funnel certification.

Just a few weeks ago he paid $2,000 to attend an event with a lady who earns millions and millions of dollars generating leads and selling products online.

I invested over $40,000 for my business degree.

I spent thousands of dollars to become coaching certified, and over the years I’ve invested countless dollars into my marketing education.

I’ve also scoured most of the available books on the planet relating to success, sales, and mindset.

It’s our purpose on planet Earth to know exactly what it takes to help you have success from home and more towards financial freedom.

If you're serious about learning what we know, so you can duplicate and even surpass the results we’ve been able to achieve from home, you’ve got a few options…

A) Waste what could be decades in trial and error...

B) Spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to go and get a business degree...

C) Invest six figures or more with business coaches and live events...

D) Run around trying to buy products all over the place from different gurus, spending money and maybe even getting distracted from your business along the way…

Or you can join our academy to have all you need in one spot to help you have the success and freedom you want.

The first ever all in one solution designed with you in mind.

One built on a sure foundation of quality, simplicity and putting people first.

We're so excited about what we've put together and know we have a great future ahead of us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about us and our flagship product.

If what we've shared so far has resonated with you - please take us up on our no risk $1 7 day trial.

You can join now and get access to everything for a full 7 days so you can evaluate our membership to see if this is a fit to help you achieve your goals and dreams in home business.